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Tuesday Jan 24, 2023 – Searching for a Permaculture “Pilot Plot of Land”,…

We received generous donations from Thomas Crook & Betsy Wilson through a Campaign being run by In addition, generously ADDED funds for “our Pilot Plot” themselves, so we are hoping to make this “a reality” very soon!

We have been busy researching the best location(s) to start farming & we have a couple of options, at this point.

Unfortunately, it IS NOT CHEAP to purchase the land AND WE BELIEVE it is a “better use of the money to rent the plot” for a year, at this point.

BUY 1 Acre of Land = 27,500,000 UGX = ~$7,300

RENT for 1 Year / 1 Acre of Land = 600,000 UGX = ~$161

*At this rate, we could RENT for ~45 Years, before we “broke even” on the Purchase Price of 1 Acre of Land,…so “you can decide the better option”, but we’re planning to RENT for now.

**Hopefully, we will have great news of procuring this land in the near future! 🙂

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