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January 8th, 2023 – Janet’s Emergency Surgery

In the pictures is Kabugho Janet, RWOFCD beneficiary who has been having internal pain complications for so long,…upon being taken to the hospital by a RWOFCD volunteer, she was immediately admitted and recommended to be operated on.  She was then operated which was successful.  After her getting well, recovering, and improving, she was set to be discharged.  But, her entire Family and RWOFCD in general couldn’t ably afford her medical bills,…so at this point, the RWOFCD Director informed the Howard Crook Family.  We were requesting for financial support to meet Janet’s medical bills which need to be “cleared”, prior to leaving the hospital. A warm thank you to the Howard Crook Family for your support!  There are many women like Janet, who need financial support towards such things, but are unable to seek this attention, and they end up losing their life.

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